josh norris Witchdoctor

Josh Norris brings a creative mind to Witchdoctor Brewing in Southington, Conn. Trained as an engineer and a skilled musician, Josh spoke in Episode 17 of “It Starts With Beer” about how his recipes straddle the line between wild and traditional.

A native of smalltown Ohio, Josh moved to Connecticut to pursue his mechanical engineering career. Disappointed along the way, he leaned more into his small-batch homebrewing experience and decided that a brick building in Southington would be where Witchdoctor would find its home.

He’s since created such beers as Bunny Patch Strawberry Malt-Shake New England IPA, Cocoa for Peanuts amber ale, and a gose I can’t get out of my mind.

Enjoy our interview, along with others from the podcast here.



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