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My podcast, It Starts With Beer, focuses on beer and often veers in other directions. You can listen to it below and you can subscribe on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Stitcher.

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Episode 21: Mr. & Mrs. Irish Beer Snob

Irish Beer Snob

What a fun episode of “It Starts With Beer”! Not only do I get to speak to my first international guests, Wayne and Janice Dunne of the Irish Beer Snob podcast all the way from Ireland, but I get to take them to a virtual world of my own design: Pub Americana. From our hologram-realistic barstools, we talk about the state of Irish beer and get to know this lovely couple. Strap on your VR helmets because it’s going to be a pixelated ride! Then listen to Wayne and Janice themselves at their Irish Beer Snob podcast.

Episode 20: The fellas from Brewheads

Brewheads 1

Brando, Clinton, and Big Mike make up the trio known as Brewheads. They drink, they review beer, they hang around, and have fun on their YouTube channel. I had a chance to Zoom with them for a while and find out what makes for an entertaining beer review. We learned a lot about each other and came out of this one changed for the better.

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Episode 19: Author Clare Goggin Sivits

Clare Goggin Sivits hedshot

Enjoy my interview with Clare Goggin Sivits (@beergoggins), the author of an April piece in the website October called “The Beer World Wasn’t Built for Moms.” News music background by AudioTrend.

Episode 18: Mass Brew Bros.

Bob Kelley (left) and Rob Vandenabeele Mass Brew Bros

What’s happening with Massachusetts breweries? No one knows better than Rob and Bob of Mass Brew Bros, and in this interview we talk about their recent post on about the future of Mass breweries post-pandemic.

Episode 17: Witchdoctor Brewing’s Josh Norris

josh norris Witchdoctor

Let’s talk music and beer and the simple life in Ohio with Josh Norris of Witchdoctor Brewing in Southington, Conn. But it all starts with beer… in the news.

Episode 16: Beer Writer Carla Jean Lauter

Carla Lauter

My interview with Maine beer writer Carla Jean Lauter was a treat. She’s been active and effective at informing people about Maine beer, currently as the “Tap Lines” columnist for the Portland Press Herald. As @beerbabe she promotes diversity in beer. We had a chance to talk about her writing evolution and the current state of Maine beer.

Episode 15: Connecticut Magazine’s Erik Ofgang

Erik_Headshots_0007 (3)

Episode 14: Brewery Consultant Daniel Flynn

DRF1 (1)

Breweries, like nearly all segments of the economy, have some worries about what the new landscape will look like in the era of COVID-19. Daniel Flynn of DRF Consulting in Cheshire, Conn., works with breweries all the time on their accounting needs. I spoke with him about the big financial picture.

Episode 13: CT Brewers Guild’s Phil Pappas

Phil Pappas

My interview with Phil Pappas of the Connecticut Brewers Guild reveals what the nonprofit advocacy group has been doing behind the scenes to help local breweries, particularly in regards to laws and loans. There’s some money talk in this one, so get your finance hat on.

Episode 12: Little Red Barn’s Community Support

Nils Johnson - register citizen

My discussion with Nils Johnson of Little Red Barn Brewers of Winsted, Conn., focuses on how the brewery is staying staying positive with the support of its community. Despite having to cut staff, the owners are hoping to bring them back when the COVID-19 crisis is over, and is collecting money for them along the way. Music by The Dead Dawgs featured in this episode. Cover photo courtesy of the Register-Citizen newspaper.

Episode 11: Veracious Brewing vs. coronavirus

veracious mark and tess

My interview with Mark and Tess Szamatulski of Veracious Brewing Company and Maltose Express homebrew store, both in Monroe, Conn., focuses on how our current crisis is putting in peril a way of life: the face-to-face interaction in a quiet, publike atmosphere. This husband and wife team are optimistic nonetheless.

Episode 10: Labyrinth Brewing vs. coronavirus

Adam Delaura
Jessica Prout Photography

Listen in as I speak with Adam Delaura of Labyrinth of Manchester, Conn., on March 30, 2020, and learn how the new brewery is dealing with unforeseen circumstances.

Episode 9: Alvarium Beer vs. coronavirus

Alvarium Chris

Listen in as Chris Degasero, head brewer at Alvarium Beer Company, discusses his brewery’s attention to detail and customer service, ramping up to-go beers and trying to hold onto staff during the coronavirus slowdown.

Episode 8: Brass Works Brewing vs. coronavirus

Brass Works Brewing

My interview with Kyle Ondrush of Brass Works Brewing of Waterbury, Conn., on how a four-man team took a collective approach to getting beer out to their customers during this time of crisis.

Episode 7: Brewery Legitimus vs. coronavirus

Chris and Christina

My interview with Christina and Chris Sayer of Brewery Legitimus in New Hartford, Conn., and how they are dealing with the coronavirus’ impact on their business.

Episode 6: Coronavirus and beer


Some commentary on what impact the coronavirus could have for local breweries, and the joy of drinking alone.

Episode 5: Continuum Distillers

Ep. 5: Continuum Distillery

My interview with Brandon Collins, head of Continuum Distillers in Waterbury, Conn. He uses run-off from breweries and turns it into unique spirits.

Episode 4: Beer Dinner Review

In this episode, I talk about how a recent beer dinner turned out, with a breakdown of each course pairing. Music: “Mid Summer” by Broke in Summer. Photo from

Episode 3: Pairing Beer, Pairing Life

As I prepare for a beer-pairing dinner, I muse about pairing in general. With references to Julia Herz and Gwen Conley.

Episode 2: Greek Beer and Terroir

It starts with Greek beer, rambles into Brooklyn, and lands on what the terroir of Connecticut might be.

Episode 1: Beer Recommendations

Ep 1: Beer recommendations

Here’s my inaugural episode of “It Starts With Beer,” a show about beer commentary and what flows from that. Enjoy!