Tastings/Get Sweet

IMG_3042Want to liven up your next party or fundraiser? Invite the Beer Snob, and let me teach you about beer and how to drink like a snob!

I can customize my presentations to suit your needs, and can work with your chef to create a fascinating excursion through food/beer pairings.

Interested in beer and chocolate? You just can’t beat that sensual combination.

Together with Carmen Romeo of Fascia’s Chocolate of Waterbury, Conn., I also lead chocolate-beer pairings and would love for you to join. We call it Beer Snob Gets Sweet. I’ll be appearing at breweries throughout the state, leading tastings and discussions with chocolates chosen to match with specific beers from Connecticut’s best breweries.

For more information about tastings and Beer Snob Gets Sweet, contact me at beer.snob@yahoo.com.


2 thoughts on “Tastings/Get Sweet

  1. I live in simsbury and remember seeing an upcoming tasting postted somewhere. But now I can’t find the listing. Did I miss it?

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