IMG_3042Want to liven up your next party or fundraiser? Invite the Beer Snob, and let me teach you about beer and how to drink like a snob!

I can customize my presentations to suit your needs, and can work with your chef to create a fascinating excursion through food/beer pairings.

Traditionally, I lead a PowerPoint through what beer is and the history of Connecticut brewing. I can alter this portion to focus on different elements of history, beer, or both. This talk usually lasts between 20 and 30 minutes. I can answer questions along the way and at the end.
Then, I lead the beer-tasting portion of the event. I tend to highlight three or four beers that reflect very different flavor profiles. They tend to all come from Connecticut, although I can use beer from anywhere (as long as I can access it).

For more information about tastings, contact me at


2 thoughts on “Presentations

  1. I live in simsbury and remember seeing an upcoming tasting postted somewhere. But now I can’t find the listing. Did I miss it?

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