I have this dilemma.

You see, I write this here blog, and it’s a joy to research for it as well as my monthly column. However, I have an even more wonderful part of my life. I’m engaged to be married.

In fewer than three months, I’ll be standing before friends and family and declaring my love and fidelity. Unfortunately, they make you dress up for these things.

The verdict is in: I need to slim down. Not lose-50-pounds kind of slimming down; it’s more of a shed a few stubborn pounds in the belly kind of arrangement.

It’s July 5 today, and on August 1, I’ll be appearing in front of the judge: the tailor. I’ll appear before his honor two weeks before the wedding.

This would be more of a tough or welcome challenge to most people, but when your favorite past time is drinking high-calorie beverages and writing about them, the task becomes more onerous. I won’t be giving up drinking beer (I’m getting married, not entering a swimsuit competition!), but I’ll be cutting back and moving around more. Apparently my gym membership isn’t just a direct payment from my checking account.

I’ll get you updates on my fending off temptation. Until then, sip a few for me.

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