As I wrote in an earlier post, I need to shed a few pounds for my wedding in September. Along with exercise and portion control, I’ll be cutting back on beer drinking. I drink craft beer, so I don’t need to pound cases to get a buzz; three or four will always do the trick.

But I don’t need a buzz when I drink beer (honestly!). I want some complexity in the flavor, and in the summer a large degree of crispness and citrus hops. If I could get this from a seltzer or juice, I would. But I can’t.

Since I posted, I’ve established a few rules to cut down on consumption. 1) Only drink socially. 2) Limit one beer per day. 3) For every beer consumed, drink two glasses of water.

The weird thing is, a lot of my friends who are avid beer drinkers — as in 2-3 a day and 10 or so on a weekend — are trim and in good shape. I’m 40 and they’re a bit younger, but STILL. What I’ve concluded from that is that it’s not so much the beer that you drink, it’s the bad habits that come when you drink beer, as in consuming a bunch of salty snacks or chowing down on pizza.

In case you’re interested in the topic, read this piece from popsci.com by Victoria Hilbert that debunks beer bellies as myths.

2 thoughts on “More beer belly-aching

  1. Have you tried any of the gluten free beers? Some of my health conscious friends are big fans of it!

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