Not to shill for a hamburger chain, but I have to give credit where it’s due. I had a quick bite to eat tonight before fruitless rug shopping, and my wife and I ended up at BurgerFi in Avon, Conn. This member of a national chain had “craft beer” listed as one of its attributes, along with burgers, hot dogs, and custard. I was pleasantly surprised to find Long Trail Sick Day IPA, Thomas Hooker Nor’easter, Magic Hat Snow Roller, and Lindeman’s Kriek Lambic.

I went with the Magic Hat because it advertised itself as a “hoppy brown.” I was less-than-impressed with this offering, but it was much better than getting an average, wimpy American big-brand beer. The malt backbone brought out the sweetness in the burger, which was savory and juicy.

The chain has restaurants in Manchester, Conn., as well, in case you’re in the state and want to try them out.

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