A bar for the young
A bar for the young

There’s a time in most people’s lives that they realize their age and it scares them.

I think I had mine last night at The Outer Space in Hamden, Conn.

There’s this great definition I once heard for the word “cosmopolitan,” which was, “feeling like you belong, wherever you are.” Since post-college, I’ve considered myself cosmopolitan. Whether it’s a backyard barbecue, church, a fancy dinner, or even at a family reunion,  I feel comfortable.

This really applies when I’m in a bar. Since I’m usually there for the beer, any ambiance is gravy. I’ve been in my share of dives, but not for a while. While I wouldn’t label The Outer Space a “dive,” it was certainly the most “casual” bar I’ve been to in a while.

That wasn’t what made me feel my age, though. Maybe it was the thumping techno in the room next door. Or maybe it was the crowd, which gave off a neo-hippie vibe — but instead of being baby boomers, they had baby faces.

I enjoyed The Shed Brewery’s Mountain Ale, an English strong with some serious sweet going on. This despite the plastic cups, which also made me feel old. I followed this up with a North Coast Brother Thelonious, a complex Belgian strong dark ale that suffered from the lack of glassware, but showed its strengths the best it could.

I guess what made me feel old was that I didn’t want to stay. This is nothing against the bar, which was about as inviting as it could be for a 40-year-old, but was clearly more for 20-somethings. Perhaps it was the yearning to feel cosmopolitan in the space that did it for me. I would have if the year were 1996… I’ll have to tell you the story of the Brooklyn Mystery Bar from 1996 sometime, but now is not that time.

So check out The Outer Space and do an age check on yourself.

The Outer Space

295 Treadwell St.

Hamden, Conn.

(203) 288-6400

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