Stubborn Beauty ready for its close-up

Shane Lentini (left) and Andrew Daigle in Stubborn Beauty Brewing's tasting room
Shane Lentini (left) and Andrew Daigle in Stubborn Beauty Brewing’s tasting room

It’s a name that conjures so many images.

A sunset marred by clouds, a muscle car that won’t start, Marilyn Monroe refusing to leave her dressing room.

The name of Connecticut’s newest brewery —  Stubborn Beauty —  is whatever you want it to be, its owners say. Open to interpretation, like one of their ales that spins the needle around the style wheel.

Unlike their blasé view of their brewery’s name, everything that Shane Lentini and Andrew Daigle have done to get Stubborn Beauty off the ground has been calculated and deliberate. That’s not to say they’re overly confident.

“Realistic to a fault,” is how Lentini put it.

A couple weeks before the brewery’s grand opening (this Saturday, March 1 from noon to 5 p.m.), I chatted with the two men as we stood over their bar in their welcoming maroon tasting room. The brewery is housed in 2,500 square feet of a remodeled former bicycle factory.

While we talked, Shane poured samples from a tap system complete with Stubborn Beauty handles, into Stubborn Beauty snifters. A Frank Zappa live album echoed in the cavernous, exposed-brick space. Continue reading “Stubborn Beauty ready for its close-up”