Review & story: Victory Saison du BUFF

So I’m relaxing during the dusk of my summer vacation. As a teacher I get those, and while I won’t be able to retire until I’m 103, the idle August days are part of the payoff.

I’ve been toying with being a pescatarian, at least during the week, so I recently stocked up on a bunch of fish I’ve never tried. The first one up was hake, which is similar to cod and haddock. I used Epicurious and followed a recipe for hake and wild mushrooms.

The Killer Hake! Courtesy of
Strangely enough, I’ve never knowingly broiled anything before. Apparently I have a broiling pan, which I needed to look up on Google images and compare it to the handsome piece of equipment in my drawer (I went through a kitchen gadget phase and must have picked it up then). Continue reading “Review & story: Victory Saison du BUFF”