Olympic dopefuls


The boys at BrewDog, a Scottish brewery, continue in a tradition of tweaking the Olympics via beer. Never Mind the Anabolics is an English India Pale Ale that the brewery apocraphally claims has performance-enhancing drugs.

According to a piece in the Phoenix New Times, the beer actually includes just “creatine, guarana, ginseng, gingo, maca powder, matcha tea and kola nut.” It’s been written that an early version did include “steroids,” but I was unable to confirm this.

I wrote an earlier piece about how Wasatch Brewing in Park City, Utah, mocked the 2002 Winter Games with its now-retired Unofficial Amber. Link to this video from BrewDog that hypes their historic contribution to The Games.

No limits in Utah

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(A version of the following column was published on Aug. 1, 2012, in the Waterbury (Conn.) Republican-American.)

By Will Siss

Beer culture in Utah is surging.

Several commercial brewers in the Salt Lake City region alone make complex beer, and the homebrew society there is equally as enthusiastic.

Imagine living in a candy store staffed by world class chocolateers and pepperminters. In this store there is one rule: you can only eat Tic-Tacs. That’s a bit like what beer lovers experienced in Utah for generations.

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Beers in Utah and beyond

I discovered Yellowstone’s grand canyon. It’s nice.

I just got back from a week-long trip to Utah, which included a jaunt north to Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming en route to Yellowstone National Park. Along the way, I tried some amazing beers, and if my Untappd account is valid, I drank a whole lot of them (well, 18).My objective for the trip was to have a blast with my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew. I achieved that manyfold.

The other objective I had was to learn about the beer culture in Utah — specifically Salt Lake City — and whether the Church of Latter Day Saints had any impact on it.

I did, and it does.

You’ll read more about these discoveries when I profile two breweries (Epic Brewing and Wasatch Brewing) for a Republican-American “Beer Snob” column. I’m also going to write something related to the homebrewer world, perhaps for the column, or perhaps just for here. Stay tuned.