Connecticut wanderings: RAW cocktails

“Study after Constellations, 1” by Gail Biederman, from her collection, “You & Me, Together & Apart” as displayed at Real Art Ways, Hartford, Conn.
I was looking for beer, of course, and stumbled upon art.

It was on the walls, on the floor, on screens, in a cabin, and walking around in a state of bliss. I wanted to be art, or at least artistic, but settled on drinking it all in. Including the beer, of course.

My buddy Ray Brown, whom you’ve met before, invited me last night to expand our senses at the Hartford, Conn., art gallery and cinema Real Art Ways, which has a “Creative Cocktail Hour” on every third Thursday of the month. I’d heard about it for years and sworn I’d go, but never had. So we remedied that. Continue reading “Connecticut wanderings: RAW cocktails”