The man behind the perfect 100
Eric McKay (left) and co-founder/brewmaster Patrick Murtaugh

You don’t hear about a beer getting a 100 rating from Beer Advocate very often. As a matter of fact, you barely hear of it at all.

An acquaintance recently put me in touch with Eric McKay, whose Hardywood Park Craft Brewery in Richmond, Virginia, earned the “world class” score in April 2012 with its Gingerbread Stout. Oh, and this acquaintance also slipped me a bomber of the precious liquid.

Surprisingly, Beer Advocate gave the review less than a year into the brewery’s founding.

“A year into brewing commercially, hundreds of people lined up on the morning of our Gingerbread Stout release to buy a couple bottles,” McKay wrote today in an email. “That really exceeded our wildest dreams.” Continue reading “The man behind the perfect 100”