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My podcast, It Starts With Beer, focuses on beer and often veers in other directions. You can listen to it below and you can subscribe on Spotify or Stitcher.



Episode 5: Continuum Distillers

Ep. 5: Continuum Distillery

My interview with Brandon Collins, head of Continuum Distillers in Waterbury, Conn. He uses run-off from breweries and turns it into unique spirits.

Episode 4: Beer Dinner Review

In this episode, I talk about how a recent beer dinner turned out, with a breakdown of each course pairing. Music: “Mid Summer” by Broke in Summer. Photo from

Episode 3: Pairing Beer, Pairing Life

As I prepare for a beer-pairing dinner, I muse about pairing in general. With references to Julia Herz and Gwen Conley.

Episode 2: Greek Beer and Terroir

It starts with Greek beer, rambles into Brooklyn, and lands on what the terroir of Connecticut might be.

Episode 1: Beer Recommendations

Ep 1: Beer recommendations

Here’s my inaugural episode of “It Starts With Beer,” a show about beer commentary and what flows from that. Enjoy!