The tragic novel continues at Sandy Hook Elementary

AP/Jason DeCrow
Saturday, Dec. 15, 2012, Newtown, Conn.
AP/Jason DeCrow

Teachers know that when students come up against a problem, it’s best to help them find their own way to the answer. The lesson sticks a little stronger, and the students gain confidence to face the next problem.

After the Dec. 14 shooting and killing of 20 children and six teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., we are all students again. It seems that there is no answer.

So we take what we know and piece it together to create… a story. This is an amazing story. It has tragedy, heroism, a villain. I teach stories for a living, and part of me wants to read this story and have it fill me up until I’m bursting with its imagery and messages.

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I’m back, baby! Well, not exactly “back.” And there is no “baby” that I’m addressing. Let me start this over.

I’m visiting Brooklyn, where I used to live and often wish I still did!

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Brains! My stint as a zombie extra

Me on the set, just before makeup and costume

It was 8 in the morning last Saturday in Kent, Connecticut, a pastoral, peaceful place. I was about a mile from a private school on a quiet street that ran parallel to the Appalachian Trail. My instructions were to park behind a black Mustang and head toward a make-up tent, where I would be transformed into a zombie for the day. Continue reading “Brains! My stint as a zombie extra”