My latest presentation was a SMASH

Will Siss at Pardee-Morris 8.3.15
The talk before the accident. Photo by Tyler Jones (Black Hog Brewing).

The thrill of watching a middle-aged man pace about on a mild August afternoon is usually enough for beer history fans.

However, at my Connecticut Beer reading on Sunday on the lawn of the Pardee-Morris House in New Haven, my half-hour talk was punctuated with a bang. No, an actual, literal bang. As in one car T-boning another. Crunch. Luckily no one was injured (it was more of a slow-motion crash), but it certainly threw off my rhythm. It was at the part of the talk where I finish with a big quote from Jeff Browning of BruRm @ Bar and then ask for questions.

I never got to ask for questions because about 10 of my audience members had sprinted past me to the cars in the street. The rest were on their phones calling 911.

It was a record crowd for me, with about 75 people. Everyone settled in when they saw that the drivers were OK, and were relieved to be able to applaud for me and go sample beers from Black Hog Brewing of Oxford and the soon-to-be-professional (probably) Erector Brewing of New Haven.

‘Connecticut Beer’ book update

Connecticut Beer cover

I’m very excited to say that things are getting real here in terms of Connecticut Beer (The History Press). My contact at Arcadia Publishing, which owns The History Press, has contacted me about getting media exposure and planning book signings and other events. All that’s left is to sign off on some copyedits that I (and some dedicated friends) made.

The publishing target date remains April 27th, and the book is already available for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

I’ll share more details as they come, including book signing parties, collaborations with other authors, and any coverage of the book. Thank you for your support, and I hope you consider buying Connecticut Beer!