Yes, these pictures make it seems like all I did on my recent 10-day visit to Ireland and Northern Ireland was drink Guinness. And, indeed, I did drink A LOT of Guinness. However, I also explored the craft beer scene, and when I get my notes and photographs together this week, I’ll be putting together a few posts about it.

As a teaser, we’ll meet blogger Irish Beer Snob Wayne Dunne and his wife, Janice (a.k.a., Mrs. Irish Beer Snob), who write and podcast about the country from the east coast. We’ll also meet blogger Simon Broderick, whose Simon Says Beer emits from the central part of the country.

We’ll learn about some great Irish breweries, too, including Galway Bay Brewing, 8 Degrees, Lacada Brewery, McGargle’s, J.W. Sweetman, Brehon Brewhouse, St. Mel’s, and of course, Guinness.

Stay tuned and be patient while I struggle with jetlag and innumerable calories.

One thought on “Ireland visit offers beer education

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