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For months, DuVig Brewing has been open but cut off from a main road that leads drinkers to its door. The bridge on School Ground Road in Branford has been under construction since just before the brewery opened in May 2014.

At 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 13, DuVig is celebrating with a grand “re-opening,” now that the bridge is finally ready. It’ll be a ribbon-cutting-type affair with politicians, barbecue, and beer.

You should go and support this family business — well, two-family business. Darcy and Scott Dugas and Kim and Dan Vigliotti make up this double-couple group of homebrewers with a dream. They are at 59 School Ground Rd, Suite 10, in Branford. This little town is already home to Thimble Island Brewing, one of the Southport Brewing Company locations and (next year) Stony Creek Brewing. They’ve got their own little beer trail, and that’s worth celebrating too.

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