A sketch of Todd's future car. Courtesy of Todd Ruggere
A sketch of Todd’s future car. Courtesy of Todd Ruggere

Charity. It’s enough to drive a man to drink.

That’s the case for Todd Ruggere, who’s mimicking his 2013 feat of drinking a beer in every town in Massachusetts by drinking a beer in all 169 towns of Connecticut.

The journey starts this Saturday in Stratford, at Two Roads Brewing, which is sponsoring the “CT Pour Tour.”

At each stop, Ruggere will be collecting money for Children’s Hospital at Yale-New Haven. He hopes to top the $40,000 he raised last year for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

“It’s ridiculous,” Ruggere, 39, told me in a phone conversation. “It could be a fulltime job.”

Alas, it is not. He works full-time and has a three-month baby girl, so he’ll need to make his treks south on the weekends, primarily.

“I didn’t know that beer is popular in Connecticut,” he said. “I was completely shocked. It’s cool that beer is huge here.”

Ruggere will mostly be going to bars, some of which are already planning parties for him. At Two Roads, which is also donating a cool car wrap (see picture), one dollar for each pint will go to the Children’s hospital.

He’ll also be stopping by people’s houses. I can’t wait to host him here in little Harwinton.

“I love meeting new people,” he said. “People are so generous, it’s crazy.

For more information go his website, which is still themed after the Sam Adams-sponsored Massachusetts tour: 351SamAdams.com

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