In the continuing saga that is my attempt to look trim and fit for my wedding next month, I’ve made the decision to cut out beer from my diet.

The crashing sound you hear is not imaginary.

The last beer I had was a delicious Back East Brewing Golden Ale. It was from a can. I sat on a sailboat and drank it down quickly. This was Saturday. Almost and ENTIRE WEEK ago (well, five days ago).

Have I lost any weight? No, of course not. That’s because I replaced beer with another carb source: bread. However, my gut has gone down a little.

Does my body crave beer? No, not really. Does my mind think I need it? Also, no. However, I did find myself in a social setting (band practice) in which I was proffered a Harpoon IPA. I… said… no.

This was harder than even not grabbing for a lager after mowing and weed-whacking the lawn in 80-degree heat. This was harder than downing a perfectly charred drumstick without a bock.

With 38 days to go, I’ll most likely stumble. I just know it. I think I’ll cushion the blow thusly: I’ll limit myself to just one 12-ounce beer (so I better make it a good one), and I’ll also hit the gym earlier that day and after.

We shall see. If you have any advice, I’ll take it as a comment, or you can reach me at beer.snob@yahoo.com. Let me know if you’d like me to include your comment in a future post.

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7 thoughts on “Gut-wrenching decisions

  1. Do a shot of apple cider vinegar if you’re getting carb cravings. Make sure it’s the organic kind with the mother (cloudy, not clear). It helps with blood sugar levels and can kill of some stomach bacteria that causes severe carb cravings.

    As far as the staying away from beer goes… just pick out the perfect beer for your wedding and imagine how good it will taste after waiting for so long.

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