An item in the Frederick News Post caught craft brewers’ eyes Thursday:

Frederick’s Flying Dog Brewery and the iconic San Francisco-based Anchor Brewing Co. are putting each others’ brews on the line for their respective teams when the Ravens and 49ers square off in Super Bowl XLVII Sunday.

The loser must pour the other brewery’s beer in its taproom for a week, said Erin Weston, Flying Dog’s public relations manager. It might not sound like the losing end of a bet to pour another high-quality craft beer from your taps, but that’s not all. The guides for the losing company’s brewery tours will be decked out in the winning team’s Super Bowl championship gear for a week.

Many of us who rooted for losing teams (well, the Giants weren’t “losers” per se this year, just “unsuccessful”), are really just trying to find an angle that applies to us on the secular holiday. While the idea of breweries in competing cities isn’t new,  this one pits the senior citizen of the trolley-car town against the scrappy newish-comer from near Charm City.

While Seth Meyers’ tweeted match-up below made me smile, this one makes me salivate. May the best city win!


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