Liz, Casey, Beer Snob, Maddie
Liz, Casey, Beer Snob, Maddie

Even beer snobs need to go outside the pint once and a while.

I recently had a chance to affordably (half-price at $35 for four…thanks, Groupon!) double-date my way into a wine-tasting experience that I highly recommend.

At Haight-Brown Vineyards, in Litchfield, Conn., they’ve got a cozy ground-floor tasting room with knowledgeable staff ready to answer any of your questions. The one that my fiance and I took, along with a pair of lovers, focused on wine, chocolate, and cheese.

The winery’s Picnic Red (bold and fruity) was a favorite, as was the Honey Nut Apple (just sweet enough).

The best chocolate by far was the one that had the chili kick.

As for the cheese… let’s just say that, for me, most gratefully hid behind the wines.

So, don’t fear the wine! True, it doesn’t match up to beer’s flexibility on the palate, but it deserves our respect.

2 thoughts on “Time for wine

  1. Hear hear! We are saving a bottle of the AppleCrannie for a special occasion. Thanks for bringing us along for the ride! Hugs, Casey and Liz

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