Jennifer Martin @Jenn_1995 (6h)

Dogsitting gig. Soooo bored. Weener dog and german shppperd. #dumbdogssuck

Jennifer Martin @Jenn_1995 (6h)

So psyched that @eddieroolz69 is comin over! He’s gotta be better company than Mutty and Bart. #realdumbnames

Jennifer Martin @Jenn_1995 (5h)

Shots, shots, shots! @eddieroolz69 and @scuzzyfarts are in da house! got dogz tied up in basement. :P

Jennifer Martin @Jenn_1995 (4h)

WTF??? Errrbody left me alone and took the booze. FAIL! #facepalm Gonna go jump in nabe’s pool.

Jennifer Martin @Jenn_1995 (4h)

k, time to feed the stupid pups. startin to sober up. not cool. Makes me feel like this:

Jennifer Martin @Jenn_1995 (3h)

wierd… cant find the dogs. more to come??? #hmmm

Jennifer Martin @Jenn_1995 (2h)

Guess who chewed their way out a back door? Wonder if @anthony_j and @deenajamison r comin home early? hope not!

Anthony Jamison @anthony_j (2h)

@Jenn_1995 Is everything alright?

Retweeted by Jennifer Martin

Jennifer Martin @Jenn_1995 (45m)

Found dogs. Not good! #shoveltime

Jennifer Martin @Jenn_1995 (27m)

All I have to say is: fb.mi/dU32jj

Jennifer Martin @Jenn_1995 (12m)

They’ll be pulling in any minute. @eddieroolz69 come pick me up nowwwwwwww. #busted #goingtoprison

Jennifer Martin @Jenn_1995 (2m)

@deenajamison”Jenn, I hope your tweets are just a joke?” Ya, no! #soscrewed

Jennifer Martin @Jenn_1995 (1m)

so when do i get paid? #fml #shouldagonetocolege

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